Martin Bennedik

Xfcc is short for XML web services for correspondence chess.

The idea of Xfcc is to define protocols for exchanging data between correspondence chess organizations, servers, and software.

The first protocol defined is called XfccBasic. XfccBasic is used to exchange game data between correspondence chess servers and client software. The client software can be used to query the server for a list of games of the player, and to submit a move to the server.

XfccBasic is based on Web services and the PGN standard.

You can download the technical specification of XfccBasic (4th draft) here.
You can find an updated WSDL file at

XfccBasic is currently supported by the following servers:

ICCF - The International Correspondence Chess Federation ICCF
SchemingMind Play Online Correspondence Chess

and by the following clients:

Chessbase 10 and
Chessbase Light 2009 premium
Chessbase 10
A free chess database app
XECTool by Andres Valverde
Your Move Correspondence Chess
for Android by Asim Pereira
Your Move Correspondence Chess

Xfcc is an idea of and maintained by Martin Bennedik. You can send me email at