Thursday, May 07, 2009

Silverlight chess board 1.3 with full support for variations

Today I released version 1.3 of the Silverlight chess board with the following changes:

  • Added full support for variations. Variations can be replayed by clicking with the mouse on a variation in the notation div.
  • An additional CSS class ".variation" can be used to format variations.
  • Added keyboard support for replaying when the focus is on the notation div. Available keys depend on the browser being used. I have found that the left and right cursor keys work fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome.
  • You can find an updated sample and documentation at the Silverlight chess board home page.

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Back in LA

    I am back in LA. This time I took my car.


    No PDC.


    Rebranded hotel.


    The advertising is gone.


    City hall.


    Walt Disney Concert Hall.


    LAPD police car.

    Bus     DSCF0874 



    Staples Center (rebranded).

    UnionStation2       DSCF0898

    Union station.