Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to run Fritz 9 on Windows Vista

Today I installed the Windows Vista RTM on my new machine. Here is how to get Fritz 9 running:

  • Install Fritz 9 as usual. At the end you do not have to reboot, even if the setup asks you to.
  • The installer does not install the chess fonts on Vista. You have to install them manually: on the Fritz 9 CD-ROM there is a folder "Fonts". Go inside the folder with explorer and select all the font files. Then right click and choose install.
  • When you go to the chess server for the first time, you will be asked to download the update. Download this update. When you start the updater it will fail.
  • Go to your old Windows XP machine and look inside the Fritz 9 directory. If you have run the update there, there is a file GUI9.iup. Copy that file to the Fritz 9 directory on your Vista machine.
  • Right-click the IUPgrade.exe in the Fritz 9 directory on your Vista machine and run it as administrator. The update will work now.

Thanks to Fritz developer Mathias Feist for his help.