Monday, February 28, 2005

XECTool 1.0 released

Andres Valverde today released XECTool 1.0, which complies to my Xfcc standard, allowing you to play correspondence chess server games via a rich client. Happy day!


Sunday, February 27, 2005

MDA compact

Got the MDA compact, running Windows CE for Smartphones. Now I loose against my phone, running Pocket Fritz 2. With a memory card, it replaces the MP3 player. With Microsoft Reader it is great for reading ebooks.

You can use the Reader Add-in for Word to convert almost anything, such as the stuff linked up at freesfonline (which has an RSS feed now).

It can also run interactive fiction using ZipCE, ScummVM, or Commodore 64 files.

I am sure when I can renew the contract again in two years, it will also have WLAN, GPS (which you can already get as an extension), and a decent camera (the current one is still only a toy) built in.