Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vladimir Kramnik world champion

By winning the last game, Kramnik was able to level the score, and remain world champion because of his draw odds. In my opinion Peter had very good chances to win. However, he did not follow the match strategy that I outlined in my previous entry about the match.

After the brilliant win with the Marshall, Leko stopped pushing. After the match, he said that he was depressed, but not tired. This confirms his great physical shape, and in my opinion he should have put the pressure on Kramnik, by continuing to play in several games, instead of offering a draw.

In game 12 he played a Caro Kann, and after being under pressure, he emerged with the better position, only to offer a draw. Also, in game 6 he could have continued to play.

Both players can't be happy with what they achieved with the White pieces. Some of the games have been very short indeed, and this cannot have been in the interest of Peter. This gave Kramnik all the time he needed for a rest and in the final two games it was Kramnik who put the pressure on Leko.

Leko says that he hopes to play for the championship again. I hope that this will be possible, regarding the current, rather unclear situation in chess politics. Lets see if the FIDE match really happens in January. Did we ever have three world championships in such a short time?


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